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Why Focus?

How Much Is Your Chaos Costing You?

Every lost lead you forgot to follow up

The great ideas you never took action on

Wasted time making no progress

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A Simple Solution
Everything in One Place

Organise your most important goals, make constant progress towards achieving them.

See what needs your attention
Everything else is quiet
Big Picture

See everything personal and professional in one place.

My Space

A tool just for you, no team distractions.

No Distractions

Only the core features, no notifications, add ons or complications.


Focus Space is only for what you need now, keep every project moving forward.

Focus Space is Different

Successful people use a variety of tools to help them master their productivity.
Focus is your private space.


Hard to see where to start
Too much information
Cluttered dashboard


See only what you need
Simple dashboard
Get strategic

To-Do Lists

Task based not long term
Ignores the big picture
Short term priority


Long term goal domination
Big picture life management
Lets you be strategic


Messy and hard to read
No clear direction
Poor productivity


Gives your goals structure
Digital strategy board
Easily search everything

Our Community

We're building a community of thriving entrepreneurs and productivity champions.

Things that you're working on or things you've asked people to do - they're all there in Focus. And so you just have this amazing sense of calm.

Rod Drury - Xero Founder

It gives me the clarity I need to make good decisions.

Duncan Faulkner - Southern Software

I don’t need, or want all the complex project management tools. I just want to see the big picture and if I am on track.

Kate Scott, Executive Director, Landpro

Focus is more than a software application, it's a community of productivity-minded entrepreneurs who take intentional steps towards long term goals. One of the goals of this community is to share knowledge and support the development of emerging founders. Follow us on your favorite social channels, and make sure to keep an eye out for video content and workshops.

A Hub For Every Goal

Make a Card for every goal you want to achieve. See at a glance if anything is falling behind.


Track your progress on goals by leaving updates.

Add Tags

Quickly filter your space to find exactly what you need.

Traffic Lights

Set status markers to see at a glance which of your goals are stalled.

Add Attachments

Keep all of your important files in one easy to find place.

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